Whitehall Collies


What you may not know about Show Collie Breeders

I frequently hear the following from people looking for a Collie puppy: “I’m not looking for a show dog, just a good dog.”I get that! But I think under that comment might lie a few misconceptions about show Collies vs. pet Collies. All our “show prospects” are pets primarily. They live in my house just […]

More Fun Facts About Collies

More Fun Facts About Collies The Collie is a medium to large herding dog that comes in two varieties: the Rough Collie familiarized by the Lassie TV series, and the Smooth (short-haired) Collie. American Rough and Smooth Collies are distinct varieties; though they are routinely crossed together in the US, their puppies are either Rough […]

Collie Health and Genetics

We Collie breeders take genetic testing very seriously, seeing what devastation mutations in overbred dog populations can cause. Our parent club, the Collie Club of America (CCA), formed a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called the Collie Health Foundation in 1986. It aims to address the breed’s most significant health problems with research, testing, and education. CHF […]

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