Whitehall Collies


I frequently hear the following from people looking for a Collie puppy:

“I’m not looking for a show dog, just a good dog.”
I get that! But I think under that comment might lie a few misconceptions about show Collies vs. pet Collies.

  1. All our “show prospects” are pets primarily. They live in my house just like any other dog.
  2. Some may think that show breeders are concerned about appearance only. They may think that purchasing a puppy from a show breeder means paying an inflated price to buy traits that aren’t important to them. They may even think that show dogs are just fancy airheads!
    A successful show dog – which is what we are breeding for – must be free of harmful genetic conditions, have a confident happy temperament, be very trainable (intelligent), resilient in many surroundings and not prone to illness. All requirements for a great family companion!
  3. About price and the show Collie prospect: Collies mature slowly and change a lot along the way. Because of that, we can select “promising” puppies for the show ring but there is no guarantee the pup will grow into a show dog. At Whitehall, our pricing for show potential puppies and companion puppies is the same. Each puppy represents the same superior genetics, the same financial investment, and the same effort in raising. And they are all beautiful! Since you are not paying any extra for the beautiful part, it’s a nice bonus, don’t you think?

A Note about Genetics and Expectations

The mature Rough Collie can be so stunning, you will find yourself in the middle of an admiring crowd whenever you take them out in public! But if not expressly bred for those attention-getting virtues, a Collie won’t have them. Genes always have to come from somewhere!

Two blue merle Collies: Same breed, just bred differently.

The crowning glory and distinctiveness of the Rough Collie is it’s luxurious coat and dramatic outline – from the intelligent, lovely expression and abundant snow-white ruff to the poufy white-tipped tail. This look has to be persistently selected for, bred from show ring stars.

Show dog breeders guard their genetics closely, just as a corporation guards their brand. They do not sell breeding rights to their dogs, and they do not sell their best prospects to commercial or hobby breeders. Beware of online Collie puppy sellers who maintain a few “breeding pairs” and mate the same dogs together repeatedly. That is not how beautiful Collies are made, and you will be disappointed if you buy one of their advertised puppies, expecting that traffic-stopping “look” that well bred show Collies have. Most online pet breeders have obtained their breeding stock from other pet breeders. It isn’t their goal to breed Collies that gather crowds. So they don’t.

At Whitehall we search the country for studs that best complement our girls, that will add virtues to the mix, so each generation is better than the last. Rarely would a male in our yard qualify for our own matings, since they are of the same family as our girls. The process of acquiring superior genetics from outstanding studs who live hundreds or thousands of miles away is very expensive! But a breeder who is willing to do that, when required, to improve their stock displays the passion and commitment it takes to aspire to consistently produce healthy, well-tempered, breathtaking Collies. The kind we hope goes to live at your house!

Key Points:

  1. Show dog breeders are breeding for the very traits you want most in a companion dog/family member.
  2. Successful, reputable show dog breeders are willing to invest large amounts of money and effort in their dogs, which is what it takes to achieve their goals. They will not compromise or cut corners with their breeding program, or with care of their dogs. Their reputation means everything!
  3. Successful show dog breeders submit their dogs to genetic testing, examinations required for certifications, and adhere to a Statement of Ethics as a condition of their membership in their National and State Breed Clubs.
  4. Successful show dog breeders are not lone practitioners, but members of a community of like-minded breeders, continually learning and helping each other improve their breeding programs.
  5. Successful show dog breeders will be very particular about qualifying homes for their puppies, which is more important to them than merely “making a sale.” They will also stand behind each puppy they sell, offering a health guarantee. As an owner, you will have a wise and experienced advisor, supporter, and advocate for the life of your dog. 
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