Whitehall Collies


Collie Puppies for sale

We aim for one or two high quality litters of AKC Collie puppies per year.
Our next breeding is expected in spring 2024 and will produce all rough collie puppies with possible colorations Sable, Tricolor, and White.

If you wish to reserve a puppy from this breeding,
the advance reservation fee is $750 which is credited against the purchase price (see conditions below) and is refundable up until the puppies are 6 weeks old.

For in-depth information about our breeding practices, read here

Prospective Dad & Mom

CH Whitehall Gramercy Park
tri-factored, white-factored Rough Collie

(Major Ptd. ) Whitehall Bobbi Sox
white rough, sable markings

Adding a Whitehall Collie to your Family:
The Process

The Puppy Parent Application: 

If you are would like to be included on our waitlist, please request a puppy application (see contact page). Please return to us at kristy@whitehallcollies.com.

We are interested in what you envision for your Collie, what the puppy’s environment and new family will be like, and what your preferences are, if any, regarding variety, color, and sex. We will then let you know if we have your ideal puppy and arrange for you to meet him or her!

Come Visit Whitehall Collies 

If everything looks good to you, and you live within driving distance, we invite you to visit the litter here. Come meet us, see the puppy’s mom,  how the puppies are being raised, and of course introduce yourself to the puppies. Please give us your first, second, and third choice from the litter. We usually commit specific puppies only after eye checks have been completed and we have decided which one(s) we are keeping for ourselves. If those factors have been established, we will reserve a specific puppy for you with your advance holding fee.

Long Distance Love: if you live too far away to visit

Suppose you live some distance away, too far to come in person. In that case, we can send photos and videos of the puppies you are interested in, along with any information you need to help you with your decision and with transport arrangements (see below.)

Long Distance PuppyTransport Arrangements from Whitehall Collies to You 

We have placed Whitehall Collie puppies in California, Arizona, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York. So we have plenty of experience getting puppies to their new homes safely! Refer to transport options details on our For Sale page.

Financial Arrangements for your Whitehall Collie puppy 

We take a reservation fee in advance, indicating your commitment to a puppy, and reserving a puppy for you from this litter. Advance payment can be in the form of a personal check or whatever is convenient for you. Your remaining balance must be paid in cash or via Zelle before taking your puppy home. Your advance is fully refundable up until 3 weeks before the puppy’s going home day at 9 weeks of age. If you must cancel after that time, any advance payment is fully refundable if another family from our waiting list picks up the puppy by the pickup date. If not, we charge $8 per day board for that puppy until it is picked up, and the balance of your advance is returned to you.

Bringing Home your new Collie! 

By mutual arrangement, we will schedule a time for your family to come to pick up your new puppy! Before the big day, I will email you our New Puppy Tip Sheet, instructions about ears, which food to buy, and supplies to have on hand.

Preparing your Collie puppy for his new home 

 We will bathe and groom the puppy, do his nails, and have his ears up in tapes. You’ll receive a health folder with all his medical information and proof of vaccinations, a pedigree, an AKC transfer of ownership form, and his microchip tag with AKC Reunite. You will also receive the CAER form* from the veterinary ophthalmologist certifying his eye exam and the doctor’s notes. I send his favorite toy from the puppy pen with his siblings’ scent and a yucky bag of soiled pine chips from the puppies’ litterbox. (It’s sometimes a help in housebreaking for you to indicate to the puppy where you want him to potty.) If it’s okay with you, we’d like to take a picture of you with your puppy before you leave together, to remember this happy time.

*Companion Animal Eye Registration form

Your First Few Weeks as a Collie Family 

We want to stay in touch and know how the puppy’s adjustment is going, offer advice, and answer any questions you have. We view our relationship with you to last (at least) for the life of your Collie! Warning: Collies are like potato chips – it’s hard to stop at one!

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